Meredith Hackerson

Senior Digital Strategist


I’m passionate about racial and social justice, reparations for Black Americans, and free health care for all.

At MissionWired, I specialize in helping our nonprofit clients develop strategies to reach and surpass their fundraising goals in order to further their missions to help educate and provide resources for all. From working on the ground as a field organizer with the Democratic Party of Virginia in 2020 to my current work with our nonprofit partners, I’ve never been one to shy away from doing the work needed to achieve important goals. Recently, I’m most proud of the work I did with my team to help an animal rights organization see an incredible 52% year-over-year increase in revenue!

Outside of work, you’ll find me reading fantasy or science fiction (I’ll read anything by N.K. Jemison) or on the couch with my dog Loki, binge watching Chopped or rooting for my favorite football (yes, football, not soccer!) club, Liverpool.