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Meet Our Writing Team

Our commitment to world-changing causes is in more than just our name. Every part of our team, from our partners to our people, care about making the world a better place. As a partner for some of the most trusted philanthropies and groundbreaking political campaigns, we couldn’t be who we are without our incredible staff.

As a key part of our creative team, our content strategists and copywriters are essential to our work, collaborating daily with our account, advertising, QA, and production teams to create impactful and engaging content and campaigns for our partners. For every piece of content we help produce, our writers are there from beginning to end, making sure each email, mailer, or donation page perfectly reflects our partners’ voices and helps them achieve their goals. Many are writers by trade and also by passion, having published works prior to and outside of MissionWired, making them experts at getting to the heart of our partners’ missions. We are proud and lucky to have such dedicated and talented experts on our team. Enjoy getting to know them!

Team Leadership

Sara Guggisberg (she/her)
Senior Vice President, Creative Director
As senior vice president overseeing our creative department, I get the chance to work across numerous teams and at the intersection of many platforms, mediums, and channels, always asking the question: How do we best represent the world-building stories our clients get to tell? I’ve been at MissionWired since 2015, and since I started here as a writer, it’s been especially gratifying to see the power words hold – that a single sentence can motivate first-time supporters to step forward in support of nonprofit and Democratic causes.

Looking back on my time at MissionWired so far, I’m most proud of the moments I’ve helped support someone's growth, and witnessed them breaking barriers and carving new paths in their own career goals. Managing empathetic and innovative teams is incredibly rewarding work for me, and I'm learning more about how to be better at it every day. Helping foster our teams' growth and development, and seeing those talents translate directly to growing clients' missions, has been truly invigorating and a highlight of my career.
Claire Schwark (she/her)
Associate Vice President, Content Director
In my role as content director, I oversee our exceptionally talented and dedicated content team. I also develop engaging and novel creative strategies for our client partners to help them effectively tell their stories and achieve their goals.

Previously, I worked in Missouri politics – using my communications background to support Democratic candidates and causes. I’ve brought that writing and digital marketing experience with me to MissionWired, where I’ve had the chance to support world-changing political and nonprofit clients like Make-A-Wish, Sandy Hook Promise, Save the Children, and Raphael Warnock’s Senate campaign.
Sofia Jesani (she/her)
Associate Vice President, Director of Creative Strategy
For the past few years at MissionWired, it’s been an honor to write and lead creative strategy for our incredible partners, and to help mission-driven organizations authentically show up across channels – my expertise is in digital strategy, across email and SMS fundraising. As an associate vice president and director of creative strategy, I facilitate brainstorms with nonprofit and political organizations to collaborate over new and effective digital strategies. It’s an excellent opportunity to leave our titles at the door and work alongside one another to think big with our partners! Before joining MissionWired, I worked as a digital strategist for a variety of political organizations, from the Biden for President campaign to the Democratic Party of Georgia.
Matt McLaughlin (he/him)
Associate Vice President
As an associate vice president on the content and marketing teams, I've enjoyed working directly with nonprofit organizations and Democratic candidates to tell unique, creative stories that compel grassroots action. That means working with both my colleagues and our partners in search of the next best creative idea – always in search of pushing boundaries for what can be achieved on digital. When I look back on my five years at MissionWired, it's those creative concepts that shattered expectations that really stand out.

Before MissionWired, I completed my master's degree in political communication at the University of Glasgow and worked as a speechwriter at the Scottish Parliament. One thing that stuck with me through my studies and work there is that politics is personal – and it's helped me in partnerships with clients to lead with a personalized, authentic approach across digital.
Beth Miller (she/her)
Associate Vice President, Director of Creative Marketing
While I serve as director of creative marketing in our marketing department, I am also an active member of our content team. Over the years, I’ve led digital fundraising and advocacy programs for nonprofit organizations and political campaigns, and now, a big part of my role includes authoring new business proposals, overseeing nonprofit creative programs, and training and mentoring our content strategists. I love helping clients and colleagues brainstorm exciting new campaign ideas – and then seeing how they come to life!

The Team

Amanda Christian (she/her)
Content Strategist
I’m first and foremost a writer, drafting email, SMS, and ads copy for my accounts. I take extra care in ensuring that I'm balancing both top-performing fundraising tactics and the voice that the client wants to put out into the world. To ensure that copy remains both fresh and rooted in best practices, I frequently collaborate with internal teams and our clients to brainstorm new concepts and creative tactics as well as reiterate on previously successful content. I work on a range of clients – from environmental nonprofits to highly competitive Senate campaigns – and I've found things to love about each end of the spectrum. It is truly so rewarding to find the unique voices and branding of each client and work together to raise money for some incredible causes!
Benji Feldheim (he/him)
I'm a big believer in honest, straightforward storytelling that cuts directly to the chase about how an organization is making a difference. This can be done in a postcard, a full mailer, an Instagram post, a web page, a 10,000-word magazine story, or anything in between. I worked as a daily news reporter and editor in print and online for about seven years before moving into health care philanthropy marketing. I then pursued multimedia, where I wrote scripts, directed videos, and produced audio programs, in addition to writing. I found that applying evidence-driven information with real-life experiences informs and inspires people to act.
Caitlin Palmer (she/her)
Senior Content Strategist
I have spent a good portion of my career writing freelance with MissionWired and a variety of other nonprofit organizations. As a freelancer, I also spent a large amount of my time traveling, working and volunteering with a variety of people and organizations. Now that I’ve taken on a larger role as senior content strategist, I continue to bring those experiences and that perspective to everything I do. I’ve honed my ability to understand both what a client needs to communicate and what their audience needs to hear. Now, I write for a number of our nonprofit and political partners, anything from emails and texts to video scripts, ads, and graphic concepts. I'm glad to be able to use my skills to help support organizations who are fighting to make the world a fairer and more peaceful place.
Cierra DeVos (she/her)
Senior Content Strategist
Over two and a half years at MissionWired, I’m proud to have gained a wide array of experience writing digital fundraising content for our political and nonprofit clients. As a senior content strategist, I work closely with our client teams to ensure that our copy is compelling and authentic to each of their unique voices. It’s a privilege to work with these organizations and help advance their critical missions around the United States and worldwide. I am particularly passionate about women’s political empowerment and representation, building powerful grassroots movements to help elect Democrats, and motivating donors to drive change in their communities through intentional storytelling and effective digital strategies.
Joelle Goolsby (she/her)
Associate Content Strategist
As an associate content strategist, I’m always taking on new challenges for the nonprofit or political partners I work with. On any given day, you can find me researching important issues related to my assignments, finding the best words to communicate our partners’ missions, and brainstorming with my teams to devise the most compelling fundraising strategies over email, SMS, and digital advertising. I’m proud to write for such inspiring movements, and I strive to bring authenticity to my work by pulling from my own lived experiences to best help others connect with their causes.
Lauren Friedlander
Managing Content Strategist

As a managing content strategist, my work involves writing compelling narratives that will move the needle for our nonprofit and political partners and help them meet their donor cultivation and retention goals. I’m dedicated to telling the kinds of stories that motivate supporters to engage with world-changing missions, and connecting people to resources through creative outreach. In the 2020 election, I led a team of designers in a campaign to mobilize and register over 70K unregistered or lapsed BIPOC voters across seven swing states, communicating vital information on voting rights and access. At MissionWired, I’m passionate about using creative strategies to power top-performing fundraising content.
Marko Bautista (he/him)
Content Strategist
Before MissionWired, I worked as a labor and field organizer. In that time, I learned to speak and write more efficiently and came to understand that the majority of what I say or write will be forgotten. It's all about making the audience feel your emotion and urgency! I'm proud that I can hop into content for any client I'm asked to and adapt to use that voice. I've especially enjoyed working on political campaigns since the voice, tactics, and messaging are always evolving – both within the campaign and in the industry at large. When I’m writing something new, I depend on an awareness of the current political landscape, biographical knowledge of the candidate(s), and the latest performance data.
Michael Doyle (he/him)
Senior Copywriter
As a senior copywriter at MissionWired, I help clients make authentic connections with audiences through clear and persuasive messaging. Working mostly with direct-mail content, I draft nonprofit fundraising appeals, political calls-to-action, and organizational newsletters. Prior to MissionWired, I was a director of communications and fundraiser in the performing arts where I promoted the organization’s mission to build a community of support.
Parker Blair (she/her)
In my role as a direct-mail copywriter, crafting copy that speaks to the hearts and minds of individuals passionate about shaping their communities has been incredibly fulfilling. I rely on my skills in persuasive storytelling, strategic messaging, and a deep understanding of political dynamics to create content that resonates with audiences and inspires them to take action. As a Black and Indigenous woman, I'm deeply committed to actively integrating anti-racist practices, nurturing inclusivity, and advocating for equity and diversity through my writing and advocacy. Having experiences in the nonprofit/research sector, municipal politics, and activist/organizing spaces, I’ve gained invaluable insights into storytelling, advocacy, and the power of communication, which I apply as a writer here every day.
Pia Payne (she/her)
Senior Copywriter
As a senior copywriter for MissionWired, I love the challenge of telling emotional, compelling, and motivating stories. I’m particularly careful to mimic the voice of our clients, conducting extensive research to find just the right tone needed for each appeal. I primarily write for humanitarian and animal organizations and their stories often move me to tears. Those tears make me even more determined to ensure that we get the best possible results for our clients. Prior to discovering my love of copywriting, I touched almost every aspect of direct response fundraising from sales to strategy to list development. I am especially proud of the time I spent helping rebrand Fundraising Success magazine to NonProfit PRO.
Piotr Narel
Content Strategist

Before coming to MissionWired, I was a marketing and communications officer at an international nonprofit with a rich, 50-year history. Having previously been so involved in crafting the voice of this one organization has been very helpful in finding the specific story that each of our unique partners want to tell. I enjoy writing for our prominent, high-volume clients, but it's difficult to introduce new concepts and ideas on accounts that already have tried-and-true tactics. That's why one of the most rewarding things for me as a writer is steering a client in a new direction that helps bring new energy to an already successful program.
Safi Harriott (she/her)
Senior Content Strategist
As a senior content strategist and storyteller, I help advise our account teams and partners on communications and brand strategies that resonate with new and established audiences. I specialize in best capturing our partners’ voices and values across every piece of content, from automated user journeys to SMS. In my day-to-day, I write, review, and co-design campaigns supporting climate action, medical research and innovation, women’s leadership, and equity and justice in education. Before I was at MissionWired, I consulted social-impact organizations on digital strategy, content planning, and email-campaign management. I am a practicing performing artist in the District of Columbia.
Salasha Dixit (she/her)
Digital Editor & Associate Content Strategist
In my role at MissionWired, I've especially enjoyed working on brainstorms across the breadth of our clientele, whether in preparation for a large moment like Giving Tuesday or a specific fundraising campaign. I enjoy the creative process of bringing out-of-the-box ideas together and melding them with best practices to turn those ideas into actionable reality. Before coming to MissionWired, I was a project manager at a health care technology firm. It's helped me as a digital professional to remember that at the end of our work is a real person that will be consuming our content, so we must always keep that in mind while we create.
Toby Meuli (he/him)
Content Strategist
Every person and organization has a specific and dynamic story to tell. As a storyteller, my job is to empathetically honor their story with humanity and heart so their voice might be fully heard. I've worked with long-shot queer political candidates, superstar athletes, and nonprofits on the front lines of the homeless crisis. All of them had a perspective, a voice. My work is simply to hear their voice, tell their story, and then let the world see them for who they truly are. Coming from the entertainment industry, I’ve worked with some of the most creative storytellers in the world and saw firsthand how a single moment, image, or sentence can help people believe in a different, brighter world.

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