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The Essential Nonprofit Guidebook to SMS

Interested in launching an SMS program or taking your existing program to new heights? Learn how with this guide to running an effective, record-breaking program.

Just like email, mail, and paid media, texting is an important part of your long-term direct-response planning. At MissionWired, we always encourage our nonprofit partners to invest in SMS – because when our partners have built strong texting programs, it’s yielded impressive revenue growth. We’re confident that this fast-growing fundraising channel is here for the long haul.

No matter where your program is at with SMS, our new and comprehensive SMS guidebook is here to help set the foundation for initial investments, grow your existing program, or optimize your mature and robust program. With this resource in hand, you’ll have access to insights into:

  • Peer-to-Peer and Broadcast texting
  • Creative best practices for engagement and retention
  • Leveraging SMS during rapid response
  • Testing techniques for your unique program
  • Efficient acquisition of high-quality SMS leads


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