Pete Carter

Principal and Senior Vice President, Direct Mail Accounts


I worked within a nonprofit organization before joining CCAH. So I intimately understand the pressures faced by our clients. I understand the necessity and importance of these organizations having the resources required to do what they do. This motivates me every day.

At MissionWired, I specialize in integrating offline and online fundraising for my clients, ensuring that all the parts work seamlessly together, from concept to implementation. The driving force behind my work is my passion for animal welfare, LGBTQ+ equality, ensuring every child has a safe and loving home, and creating a safe space for each of us to grow and learn and succeed. As a longtime nonprofit fundraiser, I’m especially proud of my service on the Direct Marketing Association of Washington (DMAW) board of directors, including a stint as president in 2014. And helping my clients navigate the crazy fundraising environment during COVID. I’m also proud to mentor and lift up some of the best and brightest direct marketers out there.