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Meet Our Digital Associates

Our commitment to world-changing causes is in more than just our name. Every part of our team, from our partners to our people, care about making the world a better place. As a partner for some of the most trusted philanthropies and groundbreaking political campaigns, we couldn’t be who we are without our incredible staff.

Our Accounts team spans over 100 staff all working daily to help our nonprofit and political partners achieve their unique program goals. Some of their work includes:

  • Digital advertising
  • Lead generation services
  • SMS fundraising
  • And much more!

An integral part of our team, our digital account associates play a big role in the daily operations of account work. Collaborating closely with our partners and various internal departments, our associates help usher along projects that meet, and often exceed, campaign goals. Whether they’re helping produce a fundraising campaign, sharing recommendations with clients, or generating a results report analysis, our associates are responsible for managing project timelines and helping shape the strategies that we bring to life in partnership with our clients. We are grateful to have such talented staff that have such strong passions aligning with our partners’ missions. We hope you enjoy getting to know them!

The Team

Amy Coval (she/her)
Digital Associate
As a digital associate supporting both nonprofit and political partners, I really love coming up with new ad campaigns for their programs. It's really interesting to see how certain content resonates with different audiences and getting in-depth data that helps inform more successful ads. I feel like I get to use a unique blend of analytical and creative skills, which I really enjoy. I previously worked as a data journalist for Hearst, which I feel like is a big part of how I can come up with successful advertising campaigns now. Having a background in media exposed me to tracking media trends, working with data across different sectors, and flexing my creative muscles. Every day, I use the analytical skills I’ve honed to analyze results and consider a campaign’s strategy and optimizations.
Chanelle Dortch (she/her)
Digital Associate
In my role as a digital associate, I support nonprofit clients in all their advertising needs and have enjoyed working on projects that make a positive impact on our clients' mission, values, and the people they serve. In the time I’ve been a digital associate, I’ve learned a lot about the role, the industry, and how to carry myself as a professional that stays true to my values. I’ve come to greatly appreciate my ability to adapt smoothly and effectively! Prior to MissionWired, I graduated from Fordham University where I worked as a resident assistant, student leader, and interned for the Peace Corps.
Javas Raghavan (he/him)
Digital Associate
I specialize in fundraising and digital communication strategies for nonprofits and political campaigns working to uplift and inspire communities around the world. I’ve always been passionate about enhancing the storytelling capabilities of mission-driven organizations and use this passion to best support the groups we work with. Before MissionWired, I worked for the Baltimore City Council where I supported the research and planning of several pieces of legislation. This included an "Office of Returning Citizens" to increase employment and access to resources for previously incarcerated individuals.
Jenna Lebowitz (she/her)
Digital Associate
I work alongside several of our nonprofit and political partners, collaborating with their teams and our own internal cross-functional departments to help our clients meet their goals. Whether I’m helping keep us on task or preparing new fundraising strategies, I’m passionate about problem-solving and making an impact. My previous role was as a business consultant, and I was able to work on a variety of projects across different sectors. In that experience, I developed skills in data analysis, research, communication, and client relations, which I apply in my day-to-day work as a digital associate.
Kalin Garcia (she/her)
Digital Associate
At MissionWired, I help campaigns and nonprofit organizations grow their programs so they can further their world-changing missions. I support much of the daily operations of our projects, pushing along our internal workflows and organizing cross-department collaborations, so we can continue to build creative solutions. Before coming to MissionWired, I worked in a similar role and as a call time manager for a Democratic candidate in Texas. Having experience in digital fundraising and campaigns, I’ve honed my analytical skills and ability to collaborate across different departments.
Mia Borders (she/her)
Digital Associate
I support our nonprofit and political partners as a digital associate and help in creating and managing ads. I enjoy looking for insights in ad campaign metrics and using them to make suggestions on how to improve performance and increase revenue. Coming from a startup background, process improvement was a daily effort, which has fueled my growth mindset. In my previous roles, I worked on email marketing, content creation, and SEO. I am a self-taught digital marketing analyst and working here really brings it all full circle. Those long nights studying and practicing were not in vain!
Raheel Abdul-Jalil (she/her)
Digital Associate
As a digital associate, my role is multifaceted, allowing me to gain experience in various areas of digital marketing and communications. Regardless of the specific medium, my goal is to support our partners in amplifying their positive impact and reaching their constituents or voters in meaningful ways. I’ve truly enjoyed learning about our array of partners and their unique goals, as well as learning new tools and platforms. Before coming to MissionWired, I graduated from Seton Hall University. There, I served as president of the Imani Chapter of NCNW, VP of Marketing for Women in Business, and as a Student Government Senator, I led DEI and academic initiatives. Notably, I interned at BlackRock, CNN, and MSG, gaining invaluable corporate experience.
Riana Mendez
Digital Associate
Across my accounts, I support the digital side of nonprofits, working on emails from formation all through launching. It’s so gratifying to be a part of both the strategic and creative process behind each email – from project managing to brainstorming new ideas. I’ve always wanted to work with nonprofits in my career, and I'm so happy to be doing work that aligns with my values and is making a positive impact. Before MissionWired, I worked in a very busy unit at my local Department of Social Services and because of that role developed essential organizational skills that help me work efficiently and accurately.
Skoervitch Emile (she/her)
Digital Associate
At MissionWired, I specialize in leveraging digital channels to achieve fundraising and growth outcomes for nonprofit and political clients dedicated to meaningful change. Before joining the team, I worked at Equality Florida and the Florida House of Representatives in the office of House Democratic Leader Fentrice Driskell. I'm passionate about creating an equitable world where everyone can thrive, with a strong commitment to reproductive justice, LGBTQIA+ liberation, and labor rights.

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