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Meet Our QA Team

Our commitment to world-changing causes is in more than just our name. Every part of our team, from our partners to our people, care about making the world a better place. As a digital partner for some of the most trusted philanthropies and groundbreaking political campaigns, we can’t be who we are without our incredible staff.

Our Quality Assurance team is at the forefront of our work, reviewing and editing every piece of content we produce with our partners. Their missions inspire not only us, but also the millions of supporters who are drawn to their efforts. Understanding that, we know that every piece of content we help produce will be an important point of communication with current and prospective supporters. The editors on our QA team play a big role in ensuring every detail in every ad, email, graphic, text, etc., is not only free of errors, but also aligned with our partners’ brands and missions. Thanks to them, we’re able to put out consistently high-quality content, both for day-to-day messaging and under the urgency of rapid-response moments.

Dior Acuzar
Digital Editor
At MissionWired, I rely on my keen attention to detail and fact-checking skills to improve copy as much as possible, ensure aspects like tone and voice align with our partners’ styles, and uphold relevant and accurate information at all times. Before coming to MissionWired, I was a content writer and wrote about a wide range of topics, including business, mental health, and psychology. My prior role taught me new ways of storytelling and how clarity and a compelling voice can take information-sharing and make it truly resonate with people. This has become a big factor in my review process, and it helps support MissionWired's work to help improve the world, one email at a time.
Gil Jacobson
Senior Editor
As a senior editor, I’m proud of the work I get to do alongside our political partners – and for me, that often means making sure our team has access to the very best resources. In 2022, I created a Midterms Tracker that included polling data, fundraising numbers, and key news items for all of our in-cycle partners. I heard from numerous colleagues how useful this tracker was in helping them put together election-related copy. With the upcoming 2024 cycle, I’m really excited to have the opportunity to continue to QA proofs for partners like the DNC and Biden Victory Fund.
Kayla Wong
Digital Editor
At MissionWired, I ensure that all client communication is clear, accurate, and engaging, working to help clients produce copy that stays consistent and true to their mission and identity. I love that the QA team gets to work with just about every client, and while I was initially most excited to edit material from environmental partners, diving into the fast-paced world of political campaigns and other nonprofit organizations has been an exciting and enriching experience!
Madhu Kaushik
Digital Editor
As a digital editor at MissionWired, I specialize in copywriting, editing, and ensuring the accuracy and impact of the written materials with which we advocate, fundraise, and raise awareness for vital causes. In my day to day, I draw from my writing, marketing, and communications backgrounds, and from the diversity of my own life experience, to ensure we are always consciously writing about and representing BIPOC, queer, global, and disabled perspectives. While my professional interests are very diverse, they’re always deeply intertwined with my personal life, identity, and work.
Peyton Pitman
Digital Editor
In my role at MissionWired, I edit and refine content for a diverse range of clients, including political campaigns, environmental organizations, and nonprofits, to ensure their messages are clear and impactful. When I was in college, I had the privilege of working as an editor-in-chief, and I bring my experiences from that work to my day to day as I collaborate with other talented editors and writers. I’m passionate about creating an inclusive and thoughtful world, and I’m proud to continue learning and growing while I work with clients that share the same values as me.

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