Data science and analytics

Meet Our Data Science Team

Our commitment to world-changing causes is in more than just our name. Every part of our team, from our partners to our people, care about making the world a better place. As a digital partner for some of the most trusted philanthropies and groundbreaking political campaigns, we can’t be who we are without our incredible staff.

Our Data Science team is made up of some of the best in the field. Our expert data scientists, project managers, and product developers are responsible for maintaining and innovating in our suite of premier data products, The Digital Co-Op. The Digital Co-Op is a first-of-its-kind acquisition tool. We took the traditional direct mail cooperative growth model and made it digital to offer our partners high-quality email leads so they can find new donors who support their missions. With more than 150 member organizations and more than 100 million mailable email addresses, some members have seen a full return on investment in less than 60 days. Thanks to our team’s innovative work, The Digital Co-Op is breaking new ground for our partners every day.

Ambika Subramanyam (she/her)
Chief Product Officer
As MissionWired’s chief product officer, I unite our product development team to build and maintain a sophisticated suite of products and tools proven to deliver precisely selected opportunities for growth for our clients.

Previously, I worked at international development organizations where I built digital fundraising programs from scratch. In my time on the MissionWired team, I’ve worked on initiatives across our highest-profile nonprofit and political clients, including the Gates Foundation, GirlTrek, Friends of the Earth, and Kirsten Gillibrand’s Senate and presidential campaigns – always striving to build tight-knit, grassroots-powered digital communities of dedicated supporters and donors.
Todd Plants (he/him)
Principal & Chief Technology Officer
Having worked at MissionWired for more than 14 years (and counting!), I have a lot that I’m proud of accomplishing. Most notably, I helped design and develop the firm’s first analytics data lake and led the production of our suite of internal software tools.

I’ve been lucky to work with numerous world-changing clients at MissionWired including a presidential campaign, where I migrated their digital software and customized their integrations to best process their large number of supporters and the data that comes with. In supporting partners like the USO, Friends of the Earth, and Amnesty International USA, I’ve led email marketing and digital advertising efforts. Outside of MissionWired, I’ve ghostwritten for presidents, four-star generals, Oscar winners, and hall-of-fame sports stars.


Composed of front-end developers and talented data scientists, our AppStack team help expertly build and design MissionWired’s product suite. From productivity apps, data aggregation tools, to beautiful, interactive web pages, they deliver compelling user experiences for internal stakeholders, clients, and the general public. Their work often results in first-of-their-kind strategies and products that constantly help our clients achieve new and better results.

Caitlin McMahon (she/her)
Principal Product Manager
I enjoy the curiosity, creative thinking, and problem solving of building meaningful products and solutions in partnership with our technical teams and stakeholders. Before coming to MissionWired, I worked at NBCUniversal as a technical product owner, and prior to that, I was a product manager at an environmental engineering firm where we built data management applications. My previous work experiences have offered me the opportunities to work with a broad set of technologies and within an agile framework of focusing on how, as development teams, we can deliver value quicker to end users of our products.
Alisha Edington (she/her)
Full Stack Web Developer
In my role at MissionWired, one of my main responsibilities is the maintenance of our internal apps and tools which we use heavily throughout the company. This is both challenging and rewarding because you never know what problem could pop up, but once you fix it, it makes the day-to-day jobs of many other people just that much easier. It sometimes is a lot of trial and error, but I love the problem solving aspect of the job. My past work as a small-business owner fueled my belief in teamwork. At MissionWired, where so many teams are working on vastly different projects, the way our work comes together to keep the company moving forward is pretty cool.
Erica Jurado (they/she)
Full Stack Web Developer
Day to day, I rely on my design skills, creativity, and grit, as well as a great deal of teamwork to improve our tech at MissionWired. I love getting to collaborate with passionate, creative, and forward-thinking digital professionals to work toward a brighter future. Before MissionWired, I worked on my master’s in computer science, researched computational propaganda, and have worked at The Washington Post and Pew Research Center. As a Google Women Techmakers in gaming scholarship recipient, I also worked to support underrepresented genders in technology. These experiences showed me the power of media and information and how ethics intersects with tech.
Jadiva Montealegre (she/her)
At MissionWired, I am a full-stack developer who specializes in coding to produce the emails that our teams create alongside our nonprofit and political partners, bringing to life the successful campaigns with high levels of engagement and contributions that allow our partners to affect positive social change. My role allows me to work with multiple coding languages and frameworks, and requires me to always think forward to how processes can improve and be more robust. It also requires a lot of problem solving skills that can make even small tasks a fun challenge and a great learning experience.
Ryan Rasmussen (he/him)
Principal Engineer
MissionWired has allowed me to progress in my career by giving me the tools and training to grow my technical skills. The opportunities to learn new technologies and skills are constant, and I’m always eager to take on new projects that I have never done before. As a senior engineer, I work with data by moving it between different systems and services, ensuring that our analytics and reporting teams have what they need to accurately report on their clients’ progress toward strategic goals.

Data Lake

One of MissionWired’s premier products is our AdvantageAI Data Lake, and this team of skilled engineers oversees it. They are responsible for transforming millions of data points into insights that offer game-changing opportunities for our clients – supporting everything from electing Democrats to combating climate change throughout the world. To power our first-of-its-kind growth product, The Digital Co-Op, our team is constantly finding new and innovative ways to optimize the Data Lake for our clients.

Nathan Chong (he/him)
Associate Vice President, Engineering
As an associate vice president of engineering, I’m challenged with writing programs that will work for every row of data we have or will receive in the future. I transform data into various aggregations, visualizations, and subsets to figure out how to write robust, efficient data transformations. We transform to learn how to transform. One of my proudest accomplishments at MissionWired is my work on our 240-terabyte data lake, which automatically pulls and updates data from more than 30 sources to power our data science products and analyze their impact. Our data lake is critical to supporting our partners in reaching their goals.
Kaylin Elizabeth Dee (she/her)
Data Engineer
I am a data engineer at MissionWired and perseverance is definitely a strength I rely on when it comes to dealing with data. When things sometimes don’t work as intended, we don’t give up. We have to ask questions, approach the problem from new angles, and push through troubleshooting to achieve our goals. Everyone on the team is more than willing to help and share their knowledge, which has helped me to grow so much in terms of communication and being unafraid to ask questions when I run into any blockers. I absolutely love the people here.
Danya Levy (she/her)
Data Engineer
I enjoy working every day to build data infrastructure that supports the amazing missions of our clients, and I’m proud of the work I do as part of the AdvantageAI deliveries team. Working on our AdAI machine learning models to help clients fundraise during rapid-response moments and reach their fundraising goals year round is especially rewarding. Before coming to MissionWired, I worked in climate policy and research, and coordinated volunteers to support older adults during the pandemic.
Peter Mason (he/him)
Senior Data Engineer
As senior data engineer to the Data Lake, I work with massive data sets across a wide range of projects. My responsibilities include anything from building data-intensive applications to extract, transform, and load those data sets to organizing processes for data mining, modeling, and production. Before joining the team, I was a data scientist at Microsoft — it's helped me with my work immensely on a technical level, and I'm doing my best to bring what I've learned to make a positive impact at MissionWired.
Kelsey Olya Evans (she/her)
Data Engineer
As a data engineer, I love working on projects where I get to solve puzzles with data! Personally, I think one of my biggest skills is how I see data and code from a wide perspective. It's so cool to see my code out there in the world running every day. I came to MissionWired after graduating from Yale. While studying statistics, I also TA’d classes and worked for a startup company that aimed to get people thinking about how their internet use aligns with their values. Working with so much math and data has really helped me develop my mind and make me a more precise and analytical thinker!

Data Product

Our Data Product team is responsible for the creation and innovation of MissionWired’s various acquisition and targeting products. As experts in machine learning, the data scientists who make up this team create first-of-their-kind products that have revolutionized digital engagement and fundraising, and revitalized many of our clients’ online campaigns. Through constant experimentation and optimization, the team is always looking to maximize client goals and improve data reliability and quality.

Isis Rose (she/her)
VP of Data Science
At MissionWired, I have the privilege of working with an incredibly passionate, brilliant team. The people are absolutely the best, and my job is to get them the information and resources they need to make magic happen – and then to get out of the way. Before coming to MissionWired, I was a data scientist consultant working with government clients. I got to work with myriad different missions, office cultures, and technical environments. That background helps me stay flexible, scrappy, and determined – even when the technology isn't cooperating – and it taught me the critical importance of getting everyone on the same page.
Grace Ford (she/her)
Associate Data Scientist
As an associate data scientist, I really like getting to work across all aspects of the data product. One thing I focus on is increasing the efficiency of our data product, and I’m constantly learning more about machine learning engineering to accomplish this. I also love interacting with people, especially when it involves sharing something I'm passionate about with those who want to learn. Before MissionWired, I was a mountain bike coach in Aspen, Colorado, and helped organize a bike swap for kids! It allowed more kids to get out on bikes by removing the cost barrier and also kept used bikes from going to the landfill.
Daisy Gomez (she/her)
Associate Data Scientist
As an associate data scientist on the team, I enjoy having the opportunity to work with a very supportive team on so many diverse projects! I’m still learning a lot about our data product and models and am excited to start improving and optimizing our models with the team. Before I came to MissionWired, I worked as a geophysics research associate where I studied the glacial and subglacial structures of the eastern Antarctic ice sheet! Having worked on python code with large sets of radar data, I am excited to translate my previous geophysics data efforts to our current mission-driven efforts.
Ashwin Narayan (he/him)
Principal Data Scientist
The world of political data is full of problems that are challenging at every level – from interpretation to execution. But I love the ability to translate the big-picture, real-world objectives that our clients have into math problems that help us gather precisely the results they need. Before MissionWired, I was doing my Ph.D. in applied mathematics. The overlap between that field and my work now is surprisingly large. In both worlds, a major part of my work is translating real world problems to mathematics and back. Both types of data are rich but unstructured, and a huge part of my job remains trying to understand exactly what aspects of the data are useful and what new questions we can solve.
Daniel Parrish (he/him)
Data Scientist
As a data scientist at MissionWired, I like working with, interpreting, and modeling data because I like to be surprised by what it tells us. Discovering interesting features or unexpected results helps keep my assumptions in check and makes me eager to investigate further. Before joining MissionWired, I worked in fundraising for Democratic committees and campaigns. Understanding the broader political context that candidates and committees inhabit helps me to understand the motivation of our clients and the people they rely on in the digital field.
Donovan Tokuyama (he/him)
Data Scientist
In my role as a data scientist at MissionWired, I frequently provide modeling, analysis, and recommendations based on data. I find, however, there’s a common misconception that all data scientists do is follow the data like lemmings wherever it goes, particularly in the world of politics. While letting the data speak for itself is valuable, a large aspect of the work involves instinct and broader understanding of the space our work takes place within. Data itself is just an input (a valuable one, to be sure) to the larger, complex puzzles I’m trying to solve as a data scientist.
Flora Wang (she/her)
Senior Data Scientist
As a senior data scientist at MissionWired, I enjoy thinking about how to improve our machine learning models to generate more accurate predictions, and I often lean on expert knowledge in the digital fundraising space for intuition about our end results. Previously, I worked in the civic tech space, using data and modern technology to improve the way the government runs. My projects ranged from using data to improve sampling frames for surveys in the U.S. Census Bureau to producing real-time maps that show where it would be easiest for firefighters to combat a wildfire. At the peak of the COVID pandemic, I also worked with data to understand social distancing in real-time. Our findings were used by local and state governments to predict future COVID cases and influence messaging.


MissionWired’s Insights team serves an essential role in supporting our clients’ online fundraising through AdvantageAI, the premiere product in The Digital Co-Op. The team interprets and analyzes our one-of-a-kind philanthropic data set to support product development, track short-term online behavior, appraise long-term online donors, ideate new machine-learning models – to name just a few responsibilities. They work to interpret donor data and present insights internally as well as to clients. Their cross-departmental work is essential to maximizing client goals.

Shanthi Pierce (she/her)
Vice President, Data Science
I lead a team that finds insights in complex data and presents it to people across MissionWired to help with their strategic decision-making. I particularly enjoy when a dashboard or report my team created is able to answer someone’s question at the exact moment they need it. Previously, I also worked as the data director for the New Hampshire Democratic Party during the 2016 General Election, and I was very proud that we won the top four races in the state. On a personal note, I was also proud to serve as a teacher in Lesotho with the Peace Corps for two years.
Isidro Camacho (he/him)
Senior Data Analyst
Every day is different at MissionWired! Even after five years, I feel like I’m learning a new function every week. The work keeps me on my toes, and the people on my team are always working together to find new ways of problem solving. We interact with a lot of different data sources, and working closely with other departments grounds me and helps me see the larger picture. I'm completely self-taught, and I think that's a testament to how people operate here at MissionWired. There is a big emphasis on continual education here and an abundance of knowledge-sharing between colleagues and departments.
Maya Gold (she/her)
Senior Data Analyst
As an analyst, I sit at the nexus between the strategy and product teams. I love that I can collaborate with our amazing strategists who share their expertise from the client side and then go to connect with our brilliant data scientists and engineers who provide insight on the machinations of our data architecture and the AdvantageAI model. I previously worked as an analyst at Civiqs, a progressive polling and survey research company. While I was there, I learned how to code and how a tech company operates. I also learned how to think critically about data sets, how to ask questions to get useful answers, and how to write analytical results for a variety of audiences.
Emily Oxford (she/her)
Senior Data Analyst
I love my colleagues! And I love solving problems with them. Everyone brings a unique perspective and skill set, and everyone is willing to help, however they can. Prior to MissionWired, I was getting my master's degree (Information with a focus in data science). The program I was in really emphasized that data does not exist in a vacuum – it's part of a larger ecosystem of people, their choices, their constraints, and the systems that they make to share information. It's very tempting to just get data, find patterns, and report on them without taking the time to understand the ecosystem the data exist in – it certainly takes less time! – but at MissionWired, I do my best to tailor my work as a data analyst so it fits into and complements the bigger picture.
Taré Suriel (they/them)
Senior Data Analyst
What I like most about working at MissionWired is the variety of clients we work with – we have an awesome bird’s-eye view! This variety is also reflected in our team itself: Folks come from a range of backgrounds, and I get to learn so much from them. While I rely on my technical skills a lot as a senior data analyst, I often have to contextualize the data with its real-world context. Prior to working at MissionWired, I worked at Catalist, but my path to data started with organizing. I've been fortunate to work with advocacy groups and electoral campaigns both big and small and strive to keep in mind what the work our clients do looks like on the ground.

Product Management

MissionWired’s Product Management team is responsible for creating and maintaining the transformational new products that power our innovative strategies for growth. Involved with several disparate departments, our product and project managers work to define product strategy and roadmaps and ensure efficiency. They’re one of the key pieces in our work to provide products and solutions to best help represent our clients’ voices and perspectives, as well as ensuring our products’ successes.

Brook Denny (she/her)
Associate Project Manager
The art of being a project manager requires a carefully crafted balance of high-level organizational skills, shameless persistence, constant communication, and a lot of juggling! I love working alongside talented, knowledgeable, and passionate individuals, and I love the volume and variation of my daily work. The biggest advantage I bring to my work now is the ability to communicate and translate complex ideas, ordinances, and other requirements to a variety of individuals. This skill, crafted over time, allows me to bridge technical knowledge from our data scientists and engineers to the accounts team, clients, and the larger MissionWired team.
Jacqueline Fulgham (she/her)
Senior Product Manager
Working as a senior product manager at MissionWired, I’ve been able to help the team understand the big picture of our projects and how their day-to-day work aligns with MissionWired’s larger strategy and goals. What I love most about my job is that I am learning every day from incredibly passionate, smart, and driven folks. Their commitment to excellence and ability to remain personable, fun, and inclusive is a dream combination in a workplace. Before MissionWired, I worked for a tech start-up that used AI/ML to help consumers protect their online identities and decrease their digital footprint to stay protected from malicious actors.
Mary Sulaiman (she/her)
Senior Project Manager
At MissionWired, we’re working with really exciting technology and really smart engineers and data scientists – a combination that I love. As a senior project manager, I’m constantly using our project management tools, integrations, and dashboards to keep deliveries and onboards on track. Before joining MissionWired, I did a stint in nonprofit marketing and communications, earned my master’s in legal studies while working on the Hill, and got my Scrum Master Certification. I’ve gained a firm understanding of areas ranging from the intersection between data privacy and the law to the technical aspect of our work to managing relationships that push our efforts forward.

DevOps & Security

Melanie Dworak (she/her)
DevOps Engineer
As MissionWired’s DevOps Engineer, I enjoy taking pieces of our infrastructure and finding the best ways to piece them together in support of our teams. Working to find what best fits the unique needs of each team can involve everything from performance analysis to cost analysis to stability analysis – data is always relevant! Before joining MissionWired, I was the CTO at a startup that does computer vision for real estate. Being the CTO at a small company meant that I wore many hats and got a sense for a lot of the jobs that go into holding up a company! I find this understanding helpful, particularly when it comes to communicating across different teams here at MissionWired. Outside of work, I run a community fridge in New Haven!
Kareem Ebraham
Security Engineer
At MissionWired, I work as a security engineer to protect the work our teams put in every day alongside our many clients. I really enjoy working alongside incredible colleagues who are so experienced and knowledgeable in their fields. In my day-to-day work at MissionWired, I rely heavily on being detail-oriented and organized. Before MissionWired I worked in a high-risk environment, securing sensitive data in a frequently accessed platform. This has helped me to identify how to strategically design safe and durable products.