MissionWired Acquires CCAH, Forming Partnership of Record-Breaking Fundraisers and Audience-Builders

Anne Lewis


Kim Cubine

President, CCAH

Over our decades of combined experience, MissionWired and CCAH have been the best at what we do.

We’ve built large, thriving communities. And even in the throes of a global pandemic, we have been able to raise record-breaking amounts of money for Democratic candidates and progressive causes through direct mail, digital, phones and SMS – and allowed hundreds of millions of people to stay connected to and remain engaged in causes that matter to them.

Our driving focus as two separate firms has always held steady: to offer solutions to every challenge faced within our expertise of digital or direct mail. At MissionWired, that’s resulted in innovations like the AdvantageAI digital data co-op. When our partners needed another acquisition source, we developed it: looking at the direct mail co-op model and seeing ways it could be reimagined for email growth. This effort resulted in the first-ever digital list-growth co-op – and the best-performing acquisition source on the market.

Through it all, we’ve each evolved and grown to be the best at what we do, centered on the “why” that animates us. Nonprofits and campaigns deserve support worthy of their lifesaving causes, teams who are hungry and relentless. Who are always ready to think harder, rejecting the easy and obvious for the record-breaking and transformational. And so, when we saw the opportunity to expand what we’re offering, to bring expertise across all channels to our partners, the decision to join forces was simple.

The union between MissionWired and CCAH is forged on the belief that as digital experts, direct mail experts, and creators of the first-ever digital co-op, we can be something that has never existed in our space: best-in-class specialists joined together to create a team of data-powered, do-it-all changemakers.

Together, the possibilities are endless. When rapid response hits, MissionWired and CCAH experts can deploy across channels, ensuring that no one in your audience – standing on the edge, poised to give – is without an invitation to help. For your supporters who are looking for organizations who know them (see: all of them), who understand the programs they care about, the channels they gravitate toward, the seasons in which they prefer to give, we can develop integrated, cross-channel strategies that honor their preferences. We can do it across mail, email, SMS, paid social, and more.

What’s more, our existing work with your organization will only change if you want it to: Every member of the MissionWired and CCAH management teams is staying on. As you continue to collaborate with teams you trust over channels for which you’re responsible, we’ll keep looking for avenues to help you raise more and grow bigger audiences.

We couldn’t be more excited about what’s to come. It’s an honor and privilege to do this work with you, and we know our best work is ahead of us. Should you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Anne & Kim

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