Isis Rose

Vice President, Data Science


At MissionWired, I empower our data science team to make sure our machine learning products are the best they can possibly be. Our products enable our clients to drive growth and get people involved in their world-changing missions through the power of science!

I care deeply about creating a sense of belonging on my team, building processes that help everyone be more effective, and collaborating aggressively. I am proud of, before joining MissionWired, developing a diversity data-analysis dashboard that was used in Congressional briefings, co-founding a wildly successful corporate culture initiative to enhance authentic connection between managers and staff, and publishing four peer-reviewed academic papers on complex network analysis and information security. In my personal life, I love to dance, garden, play music, and ride my electric motorcycle, and my four guinea pigs’ names are Tippy Toe, Monkey Joe, Patches Malone, and Carly “Scamps” Scamperson.